Diy pottery glaze

Learn how to make your own pottery glaze with these creative DIY ideas. Enhance the beauty of your ceramics with unique glaze recipes and unleash your artistic potential.

Glaze Mixing Over the summer I've been doing lots of glaze testing, and one of these has been to find my own Wood Ash Glaze recipe. It's not an easy process. I gathered together several recipes found in pottery books. All of them had a different take on the process - and sometimes conflicting ideas! I tried out four of the recipes with varying success, but now I think have my own version. Wood Ash The first thing I had to do was get a source of wood ash. You need at least a kilo of good…

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You’ve made your beautiful air dry clay pot, now what? How do you seal and protect your finished piece? Air dry clay can be used to make almost anything. You don’t need any special tools or equipment and there’s no kiln needed to achieve a beautiful end product. But without a kiln how do you glaze a

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