Diy wedding napkins

Add a personal touch to your wedding decor with these DIY wedding napkin ideas. Explore unique and creative ways to create custom napkins for your special day.
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The azaleas are blooming and the AC is running, which means it’s spring in Florida. With Easter around the corner, I decided it was time to decorate our dining room for the new season. For this year’s tablescape, I was inspired by brass candlesticks that I found thrifting and the ferns growing abundantly in our...

Tonya Blick
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Pocket folds are the most common fold for weddings/events that have a menu. Especially if the event is outdoors. This secures the menu from blowing away. They are also great for holding flatware and florals. If you are folding your own napkins here’s how:Always make sure your menus fit before folding all of them if that's what you're using them for!Napkin with a floral sprig. This fold is also great for holding a menu and florals with the different slots as well ass your flatwa

Kristina Brittany
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I love the little details don't you? When I'm styling an event I love designing the table elements in particular. I think these are the details that make all the difference and really elevate a design to the next level. When we have gone the extra mile to pay attention to the little things, it's a way of showing our guests how much you care about their dining experience. One area we can go to town on is with the napkins. Firstly napkins are not just 'napkins' there is so much we can do with…

Nina Klut