Dog cards

Celebrate your love for dogs with our collection of unique dog cards. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, find the perfect card to show your appreciation for your furry friend.
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Sabrina taught us a new fold today. I 'had' to CASE her cute card,[url=][COLOR=Black]here[/COLOR][/url]. My DD just got a new puppy & I will give this to her. It doesn't look like the new pup but it will still welcome Ranger to their home. I fussy cut the dog after coloring. I like this fold & will try it again. Thanks Sabrina for the challenge & for your really cute card to CASE! Thanks for stopping by.

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Both of my kids have been begging me for years to get a puppy. I'm actually allergic to both dogs and cats, so I've always told them no. I have several friends who own dogs and I don't really mind being around them. (Especially since I get allergy shots.) We still don't have a dog,

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