Dog nail file

Keep your dog's nails healthy and well-groomed with the best dog nail files. Discover the easiest and safest ways to trim your dog's nails at home with these top-rated nail files.
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Easy and Fun: A stress-free nail trimming alternative to dog nail grinders and nail clippers. The original Dog Nail File by DiggerDog will make the trimming of a dog’s front nails easy and fun. Nail File for Dogs: Specifically, and only for a dog's more problematic front nails. Our unique nail trimming device is also gentle enough to use with puppies, as long as it is carefully supervised by the owner. Dog Nail File Toy: Interactive, fun, and reward-based solution for stressful nail…

Quinn’s Cat
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In order to help keep her dog, Mack’s, nails short and avoid frequent nail clippings (he’s not a big fan of having his paws touched), Erika Fields made him a DIY scratch board, which is basically a giant dog nail file. To learn the steps to make your own DIY scratch board, keep scrolling below.

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