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I Don’t Brush My Dog’s Teeth. I Did This Instead. -

I Admit I Don't Brush My Dog's Teeth Yup, you read that right - I. Do. Not. Brush. My. Dog's. Teeth. I've received a lot of flack for this statement. I've heard things like: "You're lazy" "You're selfish" "You obviously don't care about your dogs" "Your dog is going to die" (yes, seriously). If people

Linda Maitland
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Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean At Home

Brushing your dog's teeth isn't fun, but there are ways to clean your dog's teeth at home without using a toothbrush. Here are 5 tips to clean a dog's teeth without brushing or anesthesia.

Robyn Meyer
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EASY Dog Teeth Brushing Tips That Really Work!

If you've ever wondered how in the world you’re going to brush your dog's teeth yourself, I’ve got SO MANY helpful tips that will make it incredibly easy for you to do! See exactly how to clean your dog's teeth. Handy gadgets that make the process MUCH easier. The difference between plaque and tartar - how to tell which one your dog has (and which one is the most harmful). Plus some scary facts that will become your reality if you DON’T start brushing your dog’s teeth. 80% of dogs have…