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Unleash the power of dowsing rods to tap into hidden energies and unlock secrets. Explore top ideas and techniques to enhance your dowsing skills and start your journey to enlightenment.
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Wire dowsing rods are a common way to find water, minerals or other underground items. The question many people have is what is the best metal to make wire dowsing rods from. Dowsing rods can be made of any metal or even wood. Most commonly though, wire dowsing rods are made of copper or steel. […]

Jenny Mitchell
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Dowsing Rods 100% Hand made - (1 imported bonus pendulum included - Size =7/8"x5/8") Material Safe: We don’t use copper alloys nor copper coated materials Instructions, links to video sources and a printed board to use the pendulum Easy swing, Copper handles (4.5” or 11.5cm) and solid copper rods (12” or 30cm) - Best dowsing rods are made of copper as copper is the second conductive metal making it very sensitive Includes a gift Bag - Makes a great gift and nice protection to your set


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