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***This is also a blinny/Ransy/Huna story*** Draco malfoy. an 18 year old boy, Ex-death eater, the boy who didn't have a choice....you name him. Hermione granger. An 18 year old girl. The brightest witch of her age, the girl who knew....you name her. They wanted only one normal year without any nose-less creatures ruining it for them. But it's Hogwarts we're talking about,a normal year is the year when the sun rises from the west. This time,a miracle happens. They actually happen to have a…

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He was like a gravitational addiction, absorbing me in wanting supplemental endless amounts of his touch. He knew my body and my desires better than I ever could have imagined. He was an aphrodisiac taking over my entire existence. Our lust was out of control. And he wasn't even my husband... Smut from cover to cover... you've been warned 😜😘 All characters and rights belong to JK Rowling. My FABULOUS cover was created by the one and only InsufferableKnowItAl! Love you darling!! 😘😘

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"How does it feel like? To be kissed?" He snaked an arm around my waist so that we faced each other, our faces only an inch apart. He ran his fingers softly across my cheek. "I thought-" "Ah, everyone thought so, but no. I've preserved my first kiss for the special girl." His eyes twinkled as his nose tickled mine. "A lot of girls would kill to steal your first kiss." I breathed. "Would you?" ~ They will fight for glory. They will strive for what they want. For happiness. For love. For life…

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Read As Long As You're Happy from the story Naughty(Dramione) by XerrorsX with 4,638 reads. otp, love, ronweasely. "Wai... Emma Watson, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hermione, Harry And Hermione Fanfiction, Harry And Hermione, Harry Potter Fanfiction, Harry Potter Quizzes, Hermione Fanfiction

Hermione and Draco were known enemies since they had first met, but that was about to change. It's a new year at Hogwarts and the two students were awarded to be head boy and girl. As each day passed they start to get closer and closer, finding out more about each other. Will the burning hatred last between the two? -These characters were not created by me, they were created by J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter Series, all rights go to her