Dream catcher craft

Create your own dream catcher with these beautiful craft ideas. Enhance your sleep and bring positive energy into your space with these DIY dream catchers.
Learn how to make a dreamcatcher using paper plates and keep bad dreams away! These DIY dreamcatchers are so pretty and they're so easy to make. This is such a great kids craft and a perfect activity for summer camp, sleepovers, birthday parties or any time! Arts And Crafts For Kids, Crafts To Do, Diy For Kids, Easy Kids, Paper Plate Crafts For Kids, Paper Crafting, Diy Kids Crafts, Easy Felt Crafts, Easy Preschool Crafts

Learn how to make a dreamcatcher! These paper plate dreamcatchers are so pretty, and they're incredibly simple to make! Keep bad dreams away as you make this easy kids version of a dreamcatcher. Make a Dreamcatcher A dreamcatcher is a Native American item which is traditionally hung over a child's bed as protection. Dreamcatchers allow good dreams through, while catching and stopping bad dreams. Most kids will enjoy this craft, but a DIY dreamcatcher is particularly great for kids who have…

Tori Hayes