Dutch still life

Immerse yourself in the world of Dutch still life paintings. Discover the rich history and intricate details of this timeless art form. Experience the beauty and elegance of Dutch still life through a curated collection of top masterpieces.
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Here is my website Kevin Best Still Life Photographer The chinese bowls in these works are known as Kraak Porcelain it was produced from the Wanli reign (1563-1620) until around 1640. the name came from the Portuguese ships Carracks, which transported them. I marvel when I think of what these wafer thin delicate little objects have been though and survived.

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Seventeenth-century Dutch artist Willem van Aelst painted still lifes that are remarkable for their fine finish, carefully balanced composition, elegant subject matter, and rich, jewel-toned palette. Elegance and Refinement is an unprecedented exhibition of more than 25 paintings that celebrate the exquisite work of a neglected master who had a significant impact on late-17th-century still-life painting. Van Aelst (1627–1683) was one of the most technically brilliant Dutch still-life…

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