Easiest dogs to train

Discover the easiest dogs to train and learn helpful tips and techniques to make the training process a breeze. Start teaching your dog new tricks today!
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Understanding how to stop your dog from pulling is something that every dog owner needs to overcome in order to be able to walk there dog in an enjoyable manor. Many dog behavioral problems also stem from the fact that the dog is dragging you along the street. To put it simply your dog thinks it is in charge of the walk or in dog terms it sees itself as the pack leader! There are so many gadgets, leads and collars out there but none of them can solve the problem if your dog thinks it is in…

Tracy Andersson
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Over the last few weeks, we talked about how dogs learn and we took a look at going punishment-free when training, now it’s time to start with the 6 basic commands make both you and your dog’s life better. We’ve got to start at the basics because simply put, they are the ones you’ll most commonly need....

Destini Van Meter-Hatcher