Edible gardening

Discover the joy of growing your own food with these edible gardening ideas. From herbs to vegetables, learn how to create a bountiful and sustainable garden that will nourish both body and soul.
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You won’t believe your empty mason jars or newspapers could be useful in the garden until you see the list of garden hacks below. After reading the article, you can take advantage of your old items lying in mess around your kitchen or garage, and then turn them into helpful things for your garden. Now, instead of throwing them out, let's save them and give them new missions, they promise to keep you amazed.

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Planting perennial vegetables lets you plant once and harvest delicious (and unusual) veggies for years to come. Find out about more than 50 plants to choose from, many cold hardy to zone 3, or even colder! #perennialvegetables #permaculture

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