Egon schiele

Immerse yourself in the world of Egon Schiele, a visionary artist known for his powerful and provocative works. Discover his unique style and profound artistic expression that continues to inspire and captivate audiences today.
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Egon Schiele, (1890-1918), Austrian🎨 Expressionist painter, draftsman and printmaker noted for the eroticism of his figurative works. As a student at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (1907-09), Schiele was strongly influenced by the Jugendstil movement, the German Art Nouveau. He met Gustav Klimt🎨, leader of the Vienn…

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Painter, Interrupted: Losing Egon Schiele

Despite its inclusion of more than 130 works on paper and canvas, the ravishing retrospective Egon Schiele: Portraits, occupying the third floor of New York’s Neue Galerie, leaves you hungry. Not for more art, because there’s plenty of that, but for something else, something to make whole an ineffable absence — a deficit attributable not to the artist, nor to the exhibition or curator, but to time and fate.

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Egon Schiele - Illustrator

Egon Schiele I like the illustration work Schiele produces. I think even thought the work is over 80 years old, the style is really coming back into the current market. A lot of the ‘mark making’ like designs are being used increasing more. I really like some of the effects his images show and the childlike friendliness of the images. I enjoy working with line drawing and continuous lines as I think they give a really nice effect.

Danielle Stockdale