Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Egypt. Discover ancient wonders like the pyramids, temples, and tombs, and uncover hidden gems off the beaten path. Start planning your unforgettable Egyptian adventure today.
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Charming Hotels In Cairo With Pyramid Views

Cairo is often associated with ancient Egypt and is also synonymously associated with the world-famous Giza Pyramid Complex. These jaw-dropping structures are something that all travelers aspire to visit and we can definitely understand why. We can also understand if you just can’t get enough of these awesome pyramids and want to feel like you’re in reach of them 24/7. So consider booking any of these charming hotels in Cairo with pyramid views.

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Abu Simbel Transfer

Abu Simbel is a complex formed by two temples carved into the rock, built by the will of Pharaoh Ramses II during his reign (1279-1213 BC) to commemorate his victory in the battle of Qadesh (ca. 1274 BC). The temple of Ramses II, or major temple, is the largest that this pharaoh ordered to build …

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