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Discover new and exciting electric circuit ideas to create innovative projects. Get inspired to design and build circuits that power your imagination.
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When connecting electrical devices to a power source, they can be hooked up to make either a series circuit or a parallel circuit. In a parallel circuit, the electrical current flows along several paths, and each individual device is...

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Electronics for Absolute Beginners, Study Guide, Chapter 1: Hi, I am Kareen, I am a student and I am currently pursuing a degree in Electronics Technology. I decided that the best way to learn is by sharing what I just learned; it gives me a chance to really understand the subject if I have to explain it to …

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Design, Build, Reiterate, and Light It Up! - Circuits and Engineering: This has definitely been the hardest year I have ever experienced within my 15 years of teaching middle school students, and I am sure it has been just as tough if not tougher for the students. I have always been a big advocate for minimizing screen…

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Are you looking for a simple circuit project for Adventures in Science, an elective adventure for Cub Scout Webelos and Arrows of Light? You'll find it here! This one is so easy--no stripping wires! Instead, it uses copper tape. Click on over to find out what that is!

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Building a circuit is not hard if you have a power source, some wires, and a light bulb (or other electrical component). If you want to learn more about circuits, follow this simple tutorial to learn how to build a simple switch that turns...

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