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Explore the fascinating world of elemental magic and learn how to harness its power. Discover top ideas to enhance your magical abilities and create awe-inspiring spells.
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31-ene-2020 - Description *venom icon update 1/10/2020* *2019 update* Illusion magic and space *lava icon updat 2/11/2020* *sheet revamp* 3/4/2020* All the descriptions for dragons bio classifications types will soon be released in detail with traits and abilities. Elements: Dragon elements: Common Fire Wind Earth Water Ice Electricity Nature Uncommon Metal Venom Light Shadow Sound Lava Storm Rare Crystal Illusion Other world info- Stray star: Dragon stats Guild Emblems -Stray stars…

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Not all Wiccans use the same correspondences for the elements, but this is an overview of the generally accepted 5 Elementals of Wiccan Wisdom. What are the 5 elements of Wicca? Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. In this 6-minute long video, you will learn the basic Elementals, their correspondences and directions for its use...

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The world and lore of Redsky was built entirely around six philosophical archetypes: the six Elements. There are three Chaotic Elements (Fire, Air, and Void) and three Ordered Elements (Water, Earth, and Aether). They form three dichotomies / spectra: The Emotional dichotomy (Fire-Water) The Intellectual dichotomy (Air-Earth) The Social dichotomy (Void-Aether) If you want a really deep dive, you can learn more about the elements here: https://www.solar-studios.com/post/the-elements-in-depth

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4 fundamental forces of nature - all governed by the fifth element, the Spirit - are actually the closest Magical Powers we can harness. Witches are Wizards in their initiation always ask the apprentices "What's Your Magic?" in order to define the 'colors' of ones powers and aura.

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https://i.redd.it/w0lv44gwp4731.png So Exalted seems to use the five elements in the cosmology like the Chinese, but replace Metal with Air instead. And in the original Wu Xing, there are two cycles on how the five elements interact with each other, one of regenerating and the other is destroying, but there isn't any canon text for something like this for the elements in Exalted as far as I know so I draw a small chart (which mean I don't have to ask people every time I forgot which element…

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