Elementary school projects

Engage your child with these fun and educational elementary school projects. Discover hands-on activities that will spark their creativity and foster a love for learning.
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I have put together 50+ arts, crafts and activities to do with kids at home. Perfect for summer or even in the middle of a long winter. So many fun craft ideas for kids. I have been slowly putting together a list of arts, crafts and activities to do with kids at home. Some of these could totally be done outside or for a break from the hot days of summer or even during the long days of winter. Either way, so many great and fun options for all sorts of different ages. I have included a few…

Juliet Favetto
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One of my goals as a teacher is to bring out the creativity and joy of learning out in students. I like to pose questions, get them to think, and have them create. I mean, that's what all of us want to do, right? But, honestly, it seems as though somewhere along the lines, the inquiry and ingenuity that kids should intrinsically show has disappeared. They simply want to be TOLD what to do at all times. I understand why. In an age of testing and dog and pony shows and the need to "get stuff…

Kelly Valeriano Brandt