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Relive the captivating quotes and moments of Elizabeth Bennett, the iconic character from Pride and Prejudice. Discover her wit, intelligence, and charm that continues to inspire readers and viewers today.
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I don't know what suddenly got into me but I just wanted to share my experience of the movies I have been watching recently and the strong feeling to share it with someone or just to express it. As I watch the most random movies and the genre doesn't matter to me. Like be it anime , or any language movie . the thing is language is not barrier to experience the awesome works in filmographies. you can recommend movies.

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Elizabeth Bennet (later Elizabeth Darcy) is the protagonist of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. She is a gentlewoman who lives on her father's estate, Longbourn, with her parents and four sisters. She is known as "Lizzy" to her family and "Eliza" to her neighbors and friends; however, the narrator refers to her as "Elizabeth." Once they are engaged, Fitzwilliam Darcy does likewise. Elizabeth was born the second daughter of Mr. Bennet, the master of Longbourn, and Mrs. Bennet, the…

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