Essential oil tick repellent

Protect yourself and your loved ones from ticks with a natural repellent made with essential oils. Discover effective and safe ways to keep ticks at bay and enjoy the outdoors worry-free.
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Keep ticks back this season with this essential oil tick repellent spray recipe! All-natural and healthy, this spray harnesses the power of smells to deter those pesky blood suckers! #tickseason #tickremedy #tickremoval

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Ticks are rampant in our area, especially this time of year. Last summer our 4yr old Graycie was infected with the lyme bacteria from a tick bite. That was some scary stuff. You will know within a week or two if you've been infected with lyme. Graycie's body broke out in a bulls eye type rash...first it started with one bulls eye at the bite site, then it just spread. And the rings got bigger each time I examined them. She also had a vicious fever at night, on and off for more than a…

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Natural, homemade mosquito repellents can work just as well as those with DEET. You’ll be amazed at how well our essential oil mosquito repellent works (and how cheap it is!)!

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