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The Neo-Figurativist Portraiture of Emilio Villalba - Glossi Mag Art, Contemporary Art, Collage, Surrealism, Fine Art, Artist, Artsy, Artwork, Art Inspo

The 1990s saw a revival of neo-expressive and neo-figurative painting, wherein the gestural properties of the medium itself again came to the fore. Its exponents worked in tune with tradition and with their attention focused on the expressive potentiality inherent in the medium of painting. That is to say, basic painterly questions were, once again, […]

Katie Jones
Thick Strokes of Paint Create Featureless Portraits in Abstracted Paintings by Joseph Lee | Colossal

Los Angeles-based artist and actor Joseph Lee paints thickly layered portraits that mask the details and expressions of his subjects’ faces. His abstracted profiles sometimes reveal a subtle hint of an eye, nose, or ear between multi-colored brushstrokes, and are set against matte backgrounds to make each painting pop. Although the facial expressions are often hidden, the self-taught artist intends to bring emotions to each face through the turn of the head or the line of a jaw. More