Eyeliner guide

Master the art of eyeliner with our ultimate guide. Learn tips, techniques, and different eyeliner styles to enhance your eye makeup and achieve stunning looks.
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I was perusing on Pinterest and fell into a “Fashion Vocabulary” black hole. So, I decided to curate these little infographics with hopes that you can refer to them when you need! I mean, I am asked to describe clothing all the time, and because I am not a fashion designer by trade and have zero […]

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Description I've found this on a fashion blog, and the blogger came across this illustration of designers’ signature eyeliner looks from the spring 2012 fashion show. I've looked everywhere trying to find the name of the source but this is the closest I've came to knowing where this illustration originated. What I did was add more on to the illustration. I research what other eyeliners looks there are, what they're called and drew it. I wanted to turn this into a chart displaying all kinds…

Monika Kacprowicz