Family crafts preschool

Engage your preschooler's creativity with these fun and easy family crafts. Spend quality time together while making beautiful creations that your child will cherish.
Text to Self Connections with Me and My Family Guided Reading with a Purpose

On Day 2 we read "What Mommies and Daddies do Best" by Laura Numeroff. Then we share connections about our parents or guardians. I also love to read Weird Parents by Wood. This is a funny story about parents who love to embarrass their children. (one of my favorite things to do) After reading and connecting, we make our parents and/or guardians. We also do this sort below with Parent/Children or Both.

Alexandra Lynn
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Here is the link to an update to the family puppets! and FREE!!! Puppets are great for speaking activities. I made the words traceable if the students are prewriting. Use the puppets to introduce the vocabulary words. Place the puppets hiding in the classroom. Have the students find them. Teacher: Point to mom. There is a game that many might know. Step Forward! Give each student a puppet and have them stand in a…

Jordan Hummel