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Then you're either here for the first time, or you've found me again. Many people who read this blog (well, if there were many) might wonder what's going on. Simply put, what's going on is that I've decided that the old title of this blog caused me too much heartburn when I had to deal with people who didn't appreciate the fine distinction. I'm a school teacher, and I'm also a gun-rights activist and an avid shooter and collector, but none of that means I would carry a firearm onto school…

Jen Brazee
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The Far Side Comics, created by the legendary cartoonist Gary Larson, have captivated audiences with their unique blend of humor and wit. These timeless cartoons have become a beloved part of pop culture, offering a glimpse into Larson's wonderfully bizarre and imaginative world. Far Side Cartoons Far Side Comics have carved a niche for themselves

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