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Late 18th century through early 19th century style of dress. This was the era of the hoop skirt, followed by the crinoline. Historical Costume, Historical Dresses, Historical Clothing, Old Dresses, Vintage Dresses, Vintage Outfits, Victorian Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Evolution Of Fashion

The first farthingale was seen in the 1500's and universally acknowledged as the Spanish Farthingale or Vertingale which constituted of hoops made of wire, wood or whalebone, growing larger towards the bottom ot the skirt. Then the Elizabethan period of the 1600's saw the emergence of the French or the wheel farthingale. Shaped like the wheel with the woman standing right in the centre of it so an all round width was achieved. Then came the Italian one or also known as the bum roll…

Ladybug Byerly
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Just a nice picture taken from a Dutch 1950s ladies magazine. I found it while I was looking for bicycle ads in a pile of all kinds of magazines. “During the Second World War (1939–1945) Hartnell was subject to the same government trading and rationing restrictions as everyone else, the number of buttons, fastenings and even amount and components of embroideries were all calculated – and rationed. He joined the Home Guard and maintained his designing career with government sponsored…