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Immerse yourself in the iconic music and activism of Fela Kuti, the legendary Nigerian musician who pioneered the Afrobeat genre. Discover his powerful message and influential impact on the world.
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Egba people who are the original founders of the city of Abeokuta which they share with Owu people (later arrivals), had an opportunity of their land also settled on by missionaries (in the 1840s) by...

Dee Heru
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Musical visionary, street preacher, incendiary political activist, and Afro-beat progenitor, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is chronicled in Fela Kuti – Music is the Weapon, a compelling 1982 documentary directed by Stéphane Tchal-Gadjieff and Jean Jacques Flori. The film documents all-night politically charged performances at Fela’s Shrine nightclub, intimate takes from inside his Kalakuta Republic compound, and scenes of street culture in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s not a complete picture by any means, but…

Myrto Peristiani
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Imagine sliding into your warmest pullover as you watch the behemoth snowflakes make landfall outside. The silent thuds on the Earth bound objects outside send muted messages of greeting as they hold tight then disappear like a forsaken lover. An awe inspiring Jazz riff from The Shuzz album echoes arrogantly in the background, as your favorite cat yawns in splendid boredom and content. A glass of wine sits taunting you as you aimlessly search the green landscape observable from your window…

Havi xo
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Every year is celebrated a Fela Day (few weeks ago in Paris), proving that Fela Kuti's spirit is still gliding around, despite a very varied comprehension. Good occasion anyway to search in muzzicaltrips archives, and look at how evolves perception of african music along the years. Here's an article about Fela Kuti which reveals part of the perception of a jazz magazine from 1981 (Jazz Hot, first jazz magazine in Europe created in 1935). In 1981, Fela just released Authority Stealing, not…

Myrna Tariah