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(Injustice and Marvel Harem) ((18+)) A year after Iron Man snapped h… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Genderbent Batman, Female Batman, Comic Women, Bat Woman, Batman Redesign, Batgirl Art, Captain America Iron Man, Dc Comics Girls, Batman Artwork

United We Stand! Divided We Fall! (Male! Captain America + Iron Man Reader x)

(Injustice and Marvel Harem) ((18+)) A year after Iron Man snapped his fingers and Steve tried to give Sam his Shield but Sam gave it to you seeing as he felt as though he wasn't ready and you found that Peter was given EDITH by a deceased Tony which he tried to give to Quinten Beck well..... you know what happened after he gave it to Beck. You went to Carol with Natasha (will explain when I get the prologue started) to get EDITH from Talos. You now have the Mantle of Captain America and…

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