Fence planters

Enhance your outdoor space with creative fence planter ideas. Discover how you can add beauty and greenery to your fence with these unique planting solutions.
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Fences are the poor man's wall: they might not prevent someone from trespassing, but they'll certainly imply that you would rather that they didn't. Or as Robert Frost put it in his poem, “Mending Wall,” "Good fences make good neighbours." But does that mean you can become a better neighbour by making a better fence? Maybe!

Aia Leonard
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Have you ever thought that you really need a fence around your yard to keep your privacy, but installing the fence seems to be boring with its rigid look? Basically, you can have the plants to be used as your fence but the problem is that it is less secure compared with the real fence. The thing that you can do if the real fence is something that you really need is by outsmarting it to look more pretty so that you won’t feel that the fence is boring. Since it is located in your yard, then…

Julia Little