Feng shui decor

Enhance the flow of positive energy in your space with these Feng Shui decor ideas. Discover how to create harmony and balance in your home.
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Are you looking to manifest and attract more wealth into your life using Feng Shui? Perfect. This post is going to break down the secrets behind the money corner of your home and how you can activate it. Ever heard of Feng Shui? It's like a magical art that can bring positivity and prosperity

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Do you want balance and harmony in your kitchen? There's no better way to balance your kitchen's (and home) yin and yang other than using feng shui. Feng shui refers to the ancient Chinese art of placing objects—buildings and spaces in a setting in a harmonious balance that promotes peace and prosperity.

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In today’s world where there is increased focus on mindfulness and holistic living, keeping a Buddha statue for home vastu can serve as a reminder of one’s spiritual aspirations. A statue of Buddha exudes peace and tranquillity, and you can experience a sense of calm and peace just by meditating in the presence of Buddha. Vastu