Field mouse

Explore fascinating pictures and learn interesting facts about the adorable field mouse. Discover its habitat, behavior, and more in this captivating article.
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Bless the gray mouse that found her way into the recycle bin. Bless her tiny body, no bigger than my thumb, huddled and numb against the hard side. Bless her bright eye, a frightened gleaming that opened to me and the nest she made from shredded paper, all I could offer. Bless her last hours alone under the lamp with food and water near. Bless this brief life I might have ended had she stayed hidden inside the insulation. Bless her body returned to earth, no more or less than any creature…

Annie Leadley
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Even though the lifespan of a harvest mouse is just 18 months, its days are filled with adventures. Being Europe's smallest rodent, it is the only British mammal to have a prehensile tail, giving it the ability to grasp plant stems as it moves through long vegetation. And probably no photographer has captured these little acrobats as well as Dean Mason from Dorset, United Kingdom.

Maddie Anderson