Fili and Kili

Explore the fascinating journey of Fili and Kili, two brave dwarves from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Learn about their heroic deeds and the impact they had on the quest to reclaim Erebor.
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Billa Baggins used to be an entierly respectable hobbit. Always on time and proper looking, and thinking, like most other hobbits, that adventures are nasty, disturbing, umcomfortable things that make you late for dinner. But when she one day meets the wizard Gandalf the Grey, and thirteen dwarfs, she decides that, maybe, just maybe, it's time for a hobbit to join in on an adventure. But how will one female hobbit do among thirteen male dwarfs, on an adventure she most likely will never…

Mindy Maros
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Hello there! This is a Hobbit and LOTR one shots book. Any and all stories about here, from fluff to super depressing to tears-inducing funny (well, at least I try for that reaction)- just no smut. Thank you so very much for reading, my dear Wattpad lovelies! Note: Requests currently closed on this book; however, they are still open on my tumblr fanfic blog, @whoa-hersheybars.

Summer Halvorson

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