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Immerse yourself in the strategic battles of Final Fantasy Tactics. Discover tips, tricks, and strategies to dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory in this iconic tactical RPG game.
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Come! I will show you that common blood makes naught but a common man! Argath Thadalfus, also known as Algus Sadalfas, is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics. While he is Ramza's ally for a time, his arrogance and contempt for peasants create a rift between the two. Argath has blond hair and dark brown eyes. As a Squire he wears a bronze gorget, blue sleeves, orange-brown gloves and boots, and dark brown pants. As a Deathknight, his skin is pale and his outfit is similar to Ramza's…

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Would that I were born no princess.Princess Ovelia Ovelia Atkascha is a major character in Final Fantasy Tactics. She is involved in various schemes that result in her being used as a tool by the nobles to gain their hold to the Ivalician throne. Ovelia has long, braided, wheatstraw blonde hair with two long fringes, and brown eyes. She wears a long-sleeved high-neck white dress with brown spear linings at the edges of her skirt, and a long red cape embroidered in gold. Ovelia's dress and…

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The Beoulve name stands for truth and justice! It is not a tool to be used for selfish gain! My lord father fought and died defending our people against Ordallia in the Fifty Years' War. House Beoulve cannot now turn on its purpose and fight for the interests of a corrupt Crown and self-serving aristocracy! Ramza Beoulve, also known as Ramza Lugria, is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is a member of the respected House Beoulve. Ramza's father, Barbaneth Beoulve, was a Knight…

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