Fish burger

Discover mouthwatering fish burger recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Try these flavorful and healthy options to add a twist to your burger nights.
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Recipe video above. Tastes remarkably similar to McDonald's with the added bonus that it's bigger, it's healthier and you know exactly what goes in it! Toasting the breadcrumbs guarantees beautiful golden, truly crunchy fish fillets even though these are baked. Fry option - follow the dredge / crumbing / fry steps in this Schnitzel recipe.

Tanya Parnell
Homemade Fish Burger With Tartar Sauce (Without Relish) Lunches And Dinners, Lunches, Sandwiches, Burger Recipes, Fish Burger, Fried Fish, Jackfruit Burger, Burger And Fries, White Fish Recipes

A simple, yet delicious pollock burger to enjoy instead of rushing to a fast-food restaurant! Three elements make it: a fluffy, buttery brioche bun, a lovely piece of white fish fillet and our homemade tartar sauce without relish. In our opinion, this is a better version of a famous fillet-o-fish burger! Serve with some fries for the ultimate fast-food experience at home!

Jengibre y Canela