Flag code

Learn about the Flag Code and discover the proper etiquette for displaying and handling the American flag. Follow these guidelines to show respect and honor for the flag of the United States.
National Anthem Etiquette  Rules under the US Flag Code for showing respect to the flag during the national anthem. Flag Etiquette, Military Salute, Government Lessons, Proper Etiquette, American Patriotism, Etiquette Rules, Flag Code, Showing Respect, Etiquette And Manners

Flag Etiquette

US flag etiquette based on the US Flag Code. A clear, easy-to-read guide for showing respect to the flag. Display and use of the US flag, the time and occasions for display, position and manner of display of the US flag, showing respect for the flag, and the conduct during hoisting, lowering or passing of the flag.

Colleen Wolkey