Flea market displays

Discover unique and innovative ways to create eye-catching displays for your flea market finds. Get inspired and turn your treasures into conversation starters.
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Advice for renting an antique booth space to sell your vintage goods by Girl in the Garage. How to rent an antique booth - How to sell vintage goods - How to be a vintage vendor.

Jessica Cortez
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I grew up in the world of craft shows and flea markets and never realized how many trade secrets I knew until I started my own flea market booth in my 30's. In this post, I'm excited to share some of my flea market booth secrets with other sellers and vendors. Note that most of

Heidi Muller
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Seven secrets to merchandising styling and display for a show or market or retail store to help visually grow your retail business with merchandising,styling and display for your shop, show or market, and small retail business.

Andrea Leppert