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Improve your fly fishing game with these effective nymph patterns. Find out how to choose the right nymphs and increase your chances of catching more fish.
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Written by: Richard R. Twarog Wladyslaw "Vladi" Trzebunia blew everyone's mind at the 1989 World Fly Fishing Championships. Photos by Richard R. Twarog What a sight. The year was 1989. The place was Kuusamo, Finland. The event was the World Fly Fishing Championship. A gaggle of journalists and bystanders were following and watching in . . .

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For a lot of enthusiastic fly fishing hobbyists, nymphing remains by far the most effective method to fly fish for trout in streams and rivers. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced veteran, mastering the following 20 tips to improve your nymph fishing is genuinely going to get you some fantastic results.

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Presented by Ross Reels It’s been said that trout do up to 90% of their feeding underwater. Whether or not this number is accurate, the point remains the same: trout do a lot of eating under the surface. While many anglers prefer the delicacy and finesse of dry fly fishing, using nymphs is almost always

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Here is the Universal Nymph originated by Steve Schweitzer and published long time ago on Globalflyfisher. I discovered this model more than 10 years ago and I still tie it because it catch trout all the time. At least for me: Recipe: Hook: BL size #12-16, I prefer Bemmon 900BL which it has the s...

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