Folding washcloths fancy

Learn how to fold washcloths in fancy and unique ways to elevate the look of your bathroom. Discover top ideas to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your washcloth display.
Step 12:  Add some goodies for your guests, such as tiny toiletries, flowers, wrapped candies, or a little note. By a note, I mean something sweet and welcoming like, "Make yourself at home!" as opposed to something like, "Mess up my towel folds and you're DEAD!" Towel Decor, Towel Display, Towel Folding Ideas, Towels Design, Decorative Towels, Fancy Towels, Towel, Towel Cakes, Hand Towels

Fancy shmancy towel folds are a fun way to welcome your house guests. Your guests may even be so impressed by your pretty towel folds that they will fail to notice the "free acupuncture" offered courtesy of the springs that jab them through the holes in your sofa bed. To pamper your guests with the royal shmance treatment, you will need: 1 bath towel* 1 hand towel* 1 wash cloth* 1 towel bar OR a chair with a back tiny "tuckable" toiletries or flowers*Note: Although luxurious fluffy towels…

Lois Brooks Studer