Food gifts wrapping

Elevate your food gifts with these creative and beautiful wrapping ideas. Impress your loved ones with unique packaging that adds a special touch to your delicious treats.
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I am all about presentation! Whether that’s with receiving a package from a company or giving a gift. I believe that how something is packaged really enhances to feeling behind receiving it. Of course it’s quickly tossed away the wrapping and labels, but there is something about that first few seconds of receiving it and […]

Meredith Lanford
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Baking Holiday Desserts at home is much more cost effective than store bought desserts...and they just taste better! Also, don't you think that the presentation of the home baked goods are a must? You can get so creative by using mason jars, empty egg crates, containers and much more to present all those homemade goodies. We have collected some Creative Ways

Sue Palmer