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Dive into the world of forensic science and unravel gripping crime stories with Forensic Files. Discover the techniques used by experts to solve puzzling mysteries and uncover the truth.
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Forensic Files

Some real-life stories are so twisted and unexpected that a measly movie just falls short of revealing the things that truly happened. Enter documentary TV shows - a series’ worth of plot twists, unbelievable stories, and an appropriate time allowance for those events to unfurl before your very own eyes. After all, what's more exciting than life itself? If you agree with us, try these documentary series that we've handpicked for you.

Shari Smith: Taken at 17 - Forensic Files Now Forensic Files, Background Check, Forensic, Mother And Father, Real Life, Parenting, Quick Saves

Shari Smith: Taken at 17 - Forensic Files Now

A Background Check on Egomaniacal Killer Larry Gene Bell(‘Last Will,’ Forensic Files) A kidnapper who taunts an abducted child’s parents is usually the stuff of fictional police dramas. Unfortunately, Larry Gene Bell did it in real life. In 1985, he kidnapped Shari Smith and assailed her mother and father with a heartbreaking letter and disturbing … Continue reading "Shari Smith: Taken at 17"

Melanie Nichols
Forensic Data Recovery: Uncovering Digital Evidence Webtoon Characters, Digital Forensics, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery Tools, My Future Job, Data Integrity, Digital Footprint, Physical Change, Data Analyst

Forensic Data Recovery: Uncovering Digital Evidence

Welcome to our article on forensic data recovery, where we delve into the fascinating world of digital forensics and the crucial role it plays in unco... #COMPUTER_FORENSICS #DATA_FORENSIC_INVESTIGATION #DATA_RECOVERY_SERVICES #DATA_RECOVERY_SPECIALISTS #DATA_RETRIEVAL #DIGITAL_FORENSICS #ELECTRONIC_EVIDENCE_RECOVERY #FORENSIC_DATA_ANALYSIS #FORENSIC_DATA_EXTRACTION #FORENSIC_DATA_RECOVERY Scot-Comp , 75 Elm Row, Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH7 4AQ #BLOG


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