Fruit wine

Indulge in the delightful flavors of homemade fruit wine. Explore recipes to make your own fruity concoctions and enjoy a glass of refreshing goodness.
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Design: DocheryLocation: RussiaProject Type: ProducedClient: Proshyan Brandy FactoryProduct Launch Location: ArmeniaPackaging Contents: WinePackaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paperPrinting Process: FlexographyProshyan wine line has a very distinct character. Due to unique climate conditions, Armenia is able to produce a number of very exotic fruit wines. For the Proshyan Brandy Factory pomegranate wines’ bright and unusual taste…

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Winemaking recipes were once an important part of preserving the harvest, but they can be hard to find these days. Country fruit wines have been made in backyards and homesteads for hundreds of years, no

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Bursting with tropical fruit, fresh mint and crisp white wine, this sangria is the perfect pitcher cocktail to serve all spring and summer long. We used Shun Cutlery to prep the fruit for this refreshing sangria, focusing on a few core knife skills such as breaking down a pineapple, chopping apples, dicing mango and hulling strawberries. Stir up a batch for Mother’s Day and pick up a new Shun Cutlery knife for Mom here! Now, let’s chat knife skills! We’ve got some tips for you to help…

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