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3.1K Likes, 88 Comments. TikTok video from Julian (@artvwave): "I just know personally for me it was hard to accept my shifting sexuality, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring it #ftm #trans #queer". shifting TikTok. to all the baby trans guys out there that haven’t started T yet, i just want to give you a fair warning about what might happen that no one told me about after i started T | For the longest time before i started T i thought that i was just into girls and that i was just…

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This is the most realistic FEELING packer you've always wanted but never knew you needed. As someone who uses packers I find that packers today dont provide tactial justice while wearing them! They have the asethtic aspect about them but they just don't feel very real while wearing. They tend to be hard and don't move very well with the body. I personally wanted a packer that felt more realistic while wearing it. This packer has separete testicle in a sac that moves with your body for…