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I'm still relatively new to the whole personal development field I think. I started my self discovery and self improvement journey about 4 years ago when I left

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A little baby girl left at a orphanage door step. The only given information about her was she was born on October 31st on Halloween in 2004 and that her name was Blake. She learned how to fight at a young age and scared everyone at her school even if she was only in 7th grade. She was small and had no friends. She hated dolls and dresses. And anything pink. She despises pink. She has been adopted 5 times and brought back each time. That's until she meets Alex carter 27 year old gang leader.

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When I first read these wonderful 45 Life Lessons, I said to myself that I would love to share them with as many other people as possible. These timeless lessons were written by the author Regina Brett. Regina is a New York Times best selling author, Pulitzer finalist and inspirational speaker. Originally titled ’45 Lessons […]

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Mark Manson is the author of the New York Times best selling book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” In this book, Mark Manson provides the reader with raw and no frills advice on how to live your best life. Mark believes that mental health and self-improvement are not something for the few […]