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Explore the future of furniture with these innovative ideas that blend functionality and style. Create a modern and unique living space with futuristic furniture designs.
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More new photos of Vitra Edition | Dezeen

Here is another set of photos of Vitra Edition, the collection of limited-edition pieces by famous designers including Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa and Konstantin Grcic that furniture brand Vitra launched in June, during Design Miami/Basel. This time the photos all have captions on them so we don't have to write them. Incidentally, Vitra's website has

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Conference Table by Think Future Design » Petagadget

An elegant, high-tech, design conference table. With its sinuous shape and spacious design, Info Table is truly a high-tech work of art. Features RGB lights under the crystal top and an electric panel at the center of the table that allows you to connect any device from any seat. Its uniqueness lies in the innovative …

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EnigmaSurface Interactive Table Comes to Life Upon Touch Home Interior Design, Futuristic Table, Interactive Table, Whimsical Furniture, Futuristic Furniture, Innovative Fashion, Motion Sensor, Storage Unit, New Furniture

EnigmaSurface Interactive Table Comes to Life Upon Touch

Boasting a state-of-the-art design, the table is designed to be futuristic with sensors and whimsical with color customizable options, reimagining an interactive relationship between technology and user. It comes to life upon touch and becomes a display of texture and color.