German pancakes cast iron

Learn how to make mouthwatering German pancakes using a cast iron skillet. Discover the perfect recipe for a fluffy and flavorful breakfast that will leave you wanting more.
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Dutch Baby Pancake

The Dutch Baby Pancake is a simple and delicious breakfast pancake made in your oven. It has an eggy deliciousness like French Toast and puffs up like a popover. This breakfast classic has become a favorite in our house and can be a favorite in yours, as well!

Amy Hanson
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Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake

For an easy, yet impressive breakfast pull out your cast iron pan and make a blueberry Dutch baby skillet pancake! Also known as a David Eyre pancake, this puffed breakfast treat is great topped with powdered sugar, jam, or whipped cream.

Jennifer Roberts
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Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

This recipe for Apple Dutch Baby Pancake is easy to make in a cast iron pan, but be ready to eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven. It waits for no one and will fall quickly. That's ok - it tastes just as delicious.

Laura Klocke-Ford