German shepherd puppies training

Train your German Shepherd puppies with these effective tips to ensure they grow up to be well-behaved and obedient dogs. Discover the best methods and techniques to establish a strong foundation for their training.
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We are obviously huge fans of the breed and even more fanatical about sharing experiences and advice from German Shepherd owners. These amazing dogs are fiercely loyal, make fantastic family pets, are wonderful protectors, and their intelligence cannot be underestimated. Their zeal for life, athletic, and mental capabilities are what endear us to the breed and those same traits, with lack of training and understanding, are also the reason so many German Shepherds, tragically, find themselves…

Ariana Dill
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German shepherds are gorgeous and adorable. They are also intelligent and have their own unique personality traits. Some of their behaviors can be entertaining, some dogs seem to have a sense of humor, and sometimes their actions can even be frustrating, especially when they don’t get enough exercise. Many of their behaviors develop due to how they are raised, their training or lack thereof, the environment they live in, other dogs in the house, and their breeding. However, some dog…

Michelle Masicampo