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The Vile Armor

This article is about the armor added in the Vault of Tears update. For the whole set, see Vile set. The Vile Armor is an armor piece obtained after defeating Gargap. It adds 100 to the attack stat and 50 stat points (3000 hp). It also adds 7 to the dodge stat and can be configured with one hexagon gem. It costs 250,000 and takes 50,000 XP to master. It's location is at the Gargap's nest, high in the tree in the arena.To even reach the Gargap, the tree in the arena must be fully grown (there…

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Living Armor

Living Armor is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Living Armors are huge animated suits of armor, haunted by an ominous blue light emanating through the cracks in their armor. It is said that they are a collection of souls who have died holding grudges or regrets, manifested into a single physical entity of sorrow and rage. They will not stop, even if the armor binding them is destroyed.Official description [translation] [1] Living Armors can be found on Bitterblack Isle. They utilize…


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