Glass collection

Discover a stunning glass collection that will elevate your home decor. Explore top ideas to showcase your unique style and add a touch of elegance to any space.
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There are incredible treasures and mind-blowingly weird objects hidden all around us—and all it takes is a trip to your local thrift shop, garage sale, or flea market to spot them. Not only is secondhand shopping good for your wallet and the environment, but it might even inspire you to join an incredibly popular online community that will have you giggling till the end of the year.

Creative Tips for Displaying Collections With Style. When it comes to shelf arrangements, try grouping your collection by color, as shown by this display of art glass. While color is a unifying force, there is true diversity of shape, size, texture and transparency. Decoration, Vintage, Home Décor, Exhibition, Displaying Collections, Display, Creative Display, Interieur, Vintage Thermos

There is power in numbers! This simple fact helps explain the appeal of collections. Do you collect seashells? Teacups? Vintage lunchboxes? Too often we pack away our collections, labeling them as clutter or useless trinkets. It’s time to let your collections see the light of day. In fact, it’s time to spotlight them with pride! […]

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