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Discover how Google Apps can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. Explore the top features and benefits of using Google Apps for your personal and professional needs.
Google apps for Chrome browser fall under the general purpose type of application software Software, Computer Basics, Software Apps, Google Apps, Web App, Computer Software, Web Server, Web Browser, Presentation App

General purpose application and custom software are the two major types of application software. They are end-user software which contain basic to advanced sets of editing tools. They are designed for productivity, such as arithmetic summation and text editing.

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Google Classroom - Coming in the Fall of 2014! It's going to be an awesome tool that will change the way classrooms function. Apps, Education, Ipad, Organisation, Google Classroom App, Google Classroom, Educational Apps, Google Apps, Google Drive

Google is tackling the persistent need in education for better software with Classroom, a new tool launching in beta preview to help teachers make, collect and track student assignments, and to help them better communicate with their classes. The Classroom app is part of Google’s Apps for Education lineup of products, and it uses Docs, […]

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Google Apps outage Apps, Smartphone, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Services, Google Forms, Google Apps, Google Docs, Microsoft

Google Apps went down this week, frustrating many users and organizations. Following an investigation, Google reported that a misconfiguration was source of the outage. How can you best stay on top of the many configuration changes in your data center, and keep your production environment available?

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