Gothic pendant

Enhance your style with gothic pendant ideas that add a dark and dramatic touch to your look. Discover unique designs and create a bold statement with these stunning accessories.
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Purple Teardrop Necklace, Black Filigree An elegant gothic vintage Victorian style pendant necklace featuring a purple resin teardrop bead encased in a black metal filigree cover. The pendant comes on an 18 inch black electroplated chain. Pendant height is approximately 2 inches (50mm). If you would like to see my complete collection of necklaces and pendants, please click here: Flat rate shipping. Only pay for postage once no…

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Osbourne´s Cross necklace by Alchemy Gothic Piercing, Punk, Grunge, Emo Style, Gothic, Emo, Styl, Collier, Stylus

Our shop stocks a selection of fine necklaces and pendants by illustrious brands like Alchemy Gothic, Kreepsville 666, UL13, Restyle and more. Especially the Alchemy Gothic collection is a major customer favorite, with hand-crafted and solid cast designs from the steampunk, vampire and metal-wear collections, for both men and women.

Richard Overbay
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Step into the intriguing world of dark romance with our exquisite Gothic/Vampire/Victorian-style pendant necklaces. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of an era steeped in mystery and opulence. Our collection pays homage to the intricate detailing and dramatic aesthetics of Gothic architecture, vampire lore, and Victorian elegance, making these necklaces a perfect addition to your alternative jewelry collection. The pendants feature ornate designs, often adorned with…