Green giant arborvitae

Enhance your landscape with the Green Giant Arborvitae, an impressive evergreen that adds both beauty and privacy to your outdoor space. Explore top ideas for incorporating this majestic tree into your garden.
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Growing 3-5 feet a year, and topping out at 60 feet tall, Green Giant arborvitae are perfect for hedges and privacy screens. They stay full and green year-round and are resistant to insect pest problems, as well as deer. These evergreens are adaptable to most hardiness zones if they have well-draining soil and plenty of room to grow.

Rob Marandos
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I am a conifer aficionado. On my 3-acre spread there are currently more than 100 specimens representing 15 different genera -- about all that are hardy in central Indiana. One of my favorites is arborvitae, the genus Thuja. There is a native midwestern arborvitae (T. occidentalis), referred to as eastern white cedar by some. Unfortunately, we destroyed all the wild native Indiana populations, but the species is common in the horticultural trade. I have several cultivars of T. occidentalis in…