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Explore the world of Greubel Forsey and indulge in the artistry of their exquisite timepieces. Experience the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship and elegance with Greubel Forsey.
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If you thought Greubel Forsey would be trending toward more conservative designs after the brand's first sub-40-mm timepiece, the Balancier Contemporain, was unveiled at SIHH in January, then you thought wrong. Today, one of watchmaking's leading independent brands is combining two of its most popul

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Resonance Watches Compared: F.P. Journe vs. Armin Strom vs. Beat Haldimann, And The Pros And Cons Of Each | Quill & Pad Inventions, Quilling, Vibrator, Wrist Watch, Watches, Beats, Modern Tools, Tourbillon, Pendulum Clock

Many people believe resonance to be very rare, when in fact every single timekeeping device (yes, even quartz) is a resonant mechanism. But clocks and watches featuring resonance as we generally understand it in watchmaking are few and far between. In the last few decades, less than a handful of highly skilled watchmakers have taken up the challenge of creating a resonance watch. Here, Joshua Munchow looks at the pros and cons of the different approaches taken by the three leaders in this…

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Boutique haute horlogerie brand Greubel Forsey has done more than most established maisons to promote the artisanal virtues of watchmaking. For a good number of years now, the two founders — Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey — have championed the cause of artisanal watchmaking in an industry that is

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Recently, GaryG had the opportunity to handle, photograph, and wear a good friend’s Balancier Contemporain in white gold. His pal had long been a fan of the brand but had always been put off by the size of the watches. At 39.6 mm wide, though, the Contemporain is the most compact Greubel Forsey ever.

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When it comes to luxury sports watches, several well-known brands and their iconic models instantly come to mind: Audemars Piguet and its Royal Oak, Patek Philippe and its Nautilus, Vacheron Constantin and its Overseas, to name just a few of the obvious contenders. Ultra-high-end Greubel Forsey was

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