Grey jedi

Explore the philosophy of the Grey Jedi and discover how they navigate the delicate balance between the light and dark sides of the Force. Learn how to embrace both aspects for a harmonious journey on the path of the Jedi.
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The Gray Jedi Code was the mantra that all Gray Jedi lived by, similar to the Jedi code or the Sith Code. It was written by the first Kage of the order, Leor Danal. He claimed that the inspiration for the code came to him in a vision while he was in a Force Trance. Flowing through all, there is balance There is no peace without a passion to create There is no passion without peace to guide Knowledge fades without the strength to act Power blinds without the serenity to see There is freedom…

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The Jedi Code, known apocryphally as the Jedi's Meditation, was a set of rules and tenets in the Jedi Order, a religious order that devoted to the ways of the Force. The Code evolved over the course of centuries and applied to all members of the Order, from Jedi Initiates and Padawans, to Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters. Among the precepts of the Code was a rule forbidding a Jedi from training more than one Padawan at any given time. The Code also embodied the philosophical ideals of the…

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